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  • What is Video Downloader?

    This software is an add-on for web browsers that allows you to download videos from a host of popular websites. These files can then be saved for later viewing or they can even be posted on other sites such as social media portals.

  • Is Video Downloader free to use?

    As this is an add-on as opposed to a dedicated download, you will not be required to pay any type of subscription or monthly service fee. Other downloading software packages might not be able to offer this advantage.

  • Is Video Downloader free from viruses?

    This software has been confirmed to be clear of all potential threats such as malware and similar viruses. It is still important to mention that you should only download videos that have been posted on trustworthy websites in order to avoid potential issues.

  • What types of videos can Video Downloader access?

    It is normally able to address all flash-based videos (such as those featured on popular websites). There is also a built-in media player which supports FLV files (FLV files are a common version of flash).

  • What browsers are compatible with Video Downloader?

    This downloading software has been specifically designed to work together with Mozilla Firefox. However, we should make it a point to mention that it is not able to work with any version of Firefox higher than Firefox 57.

  • Is Video Downloader available for mobile devices?

    This software has been primarily developed to be used with personal computers and laptops. Therefore, no versions of Video are currently available for smartphones or tablets.

  • What websites will Video Downloader work with?

    This package can access the majority of the most popular sites associated with media files. It will download videos from portals such as Megavideo, Facebook MySpace, Google Video, YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

  • How do I install Video Downloader into my Firefox browser?

    As this is an add-on, the process is slightly different when compared to a standard download. You will first need to obtain the file from Softonic. After the download has completed, you will notice an icon at the top of your Firefox browser which asks if you wish to install and activate the bundle. Once you approve these actions, the package will automatically be present within your browser. It can also be deactivated in the future if desired.

  • What types of customer support are available for Video Downloader?

    There are two primary ways to speak with an expert if a problem arises. You can choose to contact the website directly for assistance. You may also ask a question on the Mozilla Firefox forums. Users are likely to provide solutions and representatives are normally available.

  • What is the latest version of Windows supported by Video Downloader?

    As this package was developed some time ago, the latest version of Windows (Windows 10) is not supported. It can nonetheless work well with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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